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Reports to the Director of Programs and HR.

Direct Reports:

The Festival Programmer (FP) is accountable for leading and managing short-term festival contracts that include but are not limited to: Technicians, Parties and Guest Relations, as well as the Programming Coordinator. HR support is provided by the Director of Programs & HR.

Management of staff includes:

  • participation in recruitment process (includes: advising on job description, participating on hiring committee and checking candidate's references)
  • day-to-day direction and support of staff (includes: scheduling regular check-ins, ensuring staff meet performance goals and deadlines, and progressive discipline of staff if necessary)


The Festival Programmer develops and oversees the artistic vision of our annual community-based festival.

Festival Programming

  • Develop and implement a creative vision for the festival that fulfills our vision, mission and values
  • Identify any gaps in programming and ensure they are filled
  • Research, solicit and screen film and video for festival exhibition
  • Oversee a call-for-submissions process, ensuring a wide distribution
  • Oversee curation of all programs and selection of films and videos
  • Oversee the implementation of all festival programming including, but not limited to:
    • panel discussions, workshops
    • spotlights and film series
    • guest curators
    • competitions, awards and jury processes
    • interdisciplinary programs and events
    • any other special initiatives
  • Lead the Programming Committee, providing mentorship and support as needed
  • Serve as the key contact with artists, distributors and curators
  • Build relationships with artists, distributors and other art groups
  • Ensure timely programming updates, enabling festival staff team to fulfill their various roles

Festival Theatres & Scheduling

  • Select and book festival theatres; liaise with the Director of Partnerships & Marketing regarding theatre sponsorship as appropriate
  • Develop and manage a festival schedule
  • Serve as key contact with festival theatres and manage bookings

Print Traffic

  • Oversee the booking, shipping and receiving of all festival films and videos including both preview tapes and exhibition copies
  • Ensure applicable payment
  • Maintain a cost-effective shipping/courier process
  • Maintain the programming database of all films and videos

Oversee the Technical Coordinators to

  • Identify, research and book any technical support needed for festival events
  • Implement all technical aspects of dubs and transfers
  • Ensure transportation of all exhibition prints to venues

Oversee the Guest Relations Coordinators to

  • Oversee all arrangements for visiting artists
  • Ensure hospitality needs are met


  • Take a lead role in developing and coordinating timely content for the Festival Guide
  • Coordinate the production of festival trailers
  • Oversee festival community partner programming
  • Work with the Media Relations and Marketing Coordinators to service media requests and marketing strategies respectively
  • Serve as a media spokesperson for the festival
  • Serve as a public face for the organization when attending other film festivals, arts and community events

Revenue Development

  • Complete the programming components for government grant applications and final reports, as per deadlines
  • Oversee submission fees
  • Support programming for any additional special events and fundraising initiatives
  • Attend donor stewardship and fundraising events as required


  • Create and regularly revise a critical path required to carry out the programming work and fulfill the milestones set out
  • Attend and provide status and budget reports at staff meetings
  • Provide monthly staff reports and attend up to two board meetings per year
  • Participate in annual strategic planning processes
  • Manage the festival programming budget
  • Maintain timely and accurate statistics for your program
  • Keep accurate and easily accessible records of all work in order to ensure organizational continuity
  • Other duties as required